Goals for 2018/2019

* I must spend more time writing. It is the only viable outlet I have.

* Cut down on perfume. Hmm. We’ll see how that pans out.

* Keep a slightly tighter reign on my gluten free and dairy free food intake. I am sure it is contributing to hay fever attacks.

* Get to 2x my body weight deadlifts, do 5 full form pull ups in a row, bench 65kg for 5 reps, squat 100kg for 5 reps at parallel.

* Find more like minded souls.


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2018/2019

  1. Your first comment… How exciting. Best of luck to you in your journey here.

    —– If you’re going to carry a heavy bag on a long journey at least check to see what’s in the bag.
    ….A paraphrase of someone, I’m sure.

    I found you on Australian Perfume Junkies after landing there in a search for information about the newly re-released Auphorie perfume Eau De Nyonya.

    Your review was wonderful and convinced me that my wife would love it. We already own several Auphories and now, honestly, I simply blind buy FBs whenever they’re announced.

    In any event, the *real* reason I decided to write to you is that:

    My wife’s name is Kate.

    She loves/hoards perfume

    and can’t eat gluten.

    Is a cuisine “internationalist” having lived in Sydney all of her life…until I stole her.

    I love unusual coincidences especially when they happen around the world by the wholely unlikely means of the Internet.

    I keep telling “my” Kate that she should write a book…. So I’m waiting for you to work your writing magic now : )

    No pressure!

    Truly, best of luck going farward.


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